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1-9-t-h Street BBS History

Well...the BBS started way back (hmmm....let me check the logs) around the summer of '93 I believe and at that point went through a number of names before settling on Spitsville BBS. I spent countless hours customizing the BBS to my liking.

Spitsville BBS soon had a sister BBS, The Spamworks BBS which was run by a good friend, also using Falcon CBCS. The Spamworks had a greater HD capacity and therefore ended up having a nice large file area (about 40megs!). We attempted to network the BBSs together by creating an echoed message area shared by the two BBSs which updated every night at midnight.

Spitsville was running on my A500HD which was pretty fast at the time, a 7Mhz 68000 with a SupraTurbo28 accelerator brining it up to ran pretty solid until the little 50meg drive crashed after running the BBS for almost half a year. Believe it or not, I then ran it off of a floppy drive and some ramdisks! The floppy booted the system and loaded the BBS and all main files into a ramdisk...this made it fairly fast as it was all running out of ram and there was no disk access of any sort, but the file areas were gone and even the msg areas were limited. Also, any crash would lose any updates

I believe from that point the BBS was actually down for about a year, and came back up a year l8r running on an A2000.

The BBS also ran on my A1200 for awhile until that HD burnt out as well, it was a BBS curse. So up and down it went for the longest time until '97 when it arose under the new name 1-9-t-h Street after an inside joke between some of my friends, and it was reborn with a basically new user base. It was now running off of an old A2000.

Recently, the BBS was running on my A1200 - 040/40Mhz. Unfortunately the BBS has been de-commisioned as of March 1st, 2000 due to lack of interest :). Looks like we're all too busy to be bothering with it nowadays...oh well perhaps it will emerge once again.