May 03, 2004 - Uptime, Downtime, lets all do some jailtime


Well - it has now been a full week since Dog Pound destroyed the RBlords server. Damn, give a guy a hammer and a free bus ticket to Regina and all hell breaks lose!

Anyhow, by the time you read this, RBlords and all associated webpages should be back online. I'm having some issues with ftp right now, so before you write in to complain (Sasko) give me a day to look it over. It's been a busy past week, and looks to be an even busier summer - but thats all good. I mean, its alright to be busy as long as you're busy being awesome!?

Unit3 has moved to town, soon to be followed by his trophy girlfriend who will also be posing nude on Blue4130's site in the near future - so watch for that. Also, don't tell her, or Unit3 - because I don't think they know yet.

Last thursday I attended my 2nd annual Texas Mickey party with some guys from work, to celebrate the regular season hockey draft. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of great stories to tell this year because I was done and in 'bed' by 10:00 - but it sounds there were a few good times to be had - like Rat getting an atomic wedgie (we actually got his boxers OVER his head!), Scott getting half of his shirt ripped off, Colin breaking into somebody's house and spending the night on their couch only to realize in the morning he had no idea whose house it was - and Arron losing his cell-phone, then finding out it was left in some guys back yard, not even close to where he thought he was that night. Not quite the gong show it was last year - but still a gong show nonetheless.

There is a new comic today if you're interested. Otherwise, I'm going to get working on fixing the remaining quirks on the server. In the meantime, if anyone wants to buy a 1979 Dodge D-50 truck with no motor (but 3 motors/trannys in the back) for $60 - come and get it. Or, perhaps a 1974 Monaco is more your taste?? Only $200!

Think about it!

Apr 13, 2004 - Quick Update


Hmmmm....well I started to write this breif update to let everyone know that the server might experience some downtime this week due to a physical move....but it seems now that it won't become an issue until mid-May so we'll worry about it then.

In other news - I'm on vacation, which is why I haven't updated lately. And today is no exception.

Dog Pound got hitched - so go spend your time reading his mushy girl news

Here's a new comic.

Razor will notice that I DID add him to the links in the left side-bar. Fuck, I'm such a nice guy.

And that's it!

Mar 23, 2004 - Razor made me do it


Well - hell has officially frozen over. Dr. Razor has actually updated his page! It seems that, seeing as how he can not actually afford to purchase fang island, he will instead be hosting weekly online gaming matches. So you'd better start downloading now, because the game changes every week. I joined in the UT 2K4 match last thursday which was a blast - even though it was only the demo. In fact it inspired me to download the full game via bit torrent just the other night. 3.6Gigs downloaded in 2 hours - thats gotta be a new record.

I have to say that this announcement certainly makes me happy. Dual-layer Dvd-burners - looks like they'll be released far before I expected to see them on the market. Exciting stuff!

Here's an interesting read for those of you who are interested - its an online journal, of sorts, with pictures written by a girl who regularily rides her motorcycle through the chernobyl meltdown site. Want to see pictures of a city completely frozen in time? It's a very interesting read despite the broken english - have a read. I'm sure Blue4130 will get a kick out of it.

Last for today - another comic drawn by (in Razor's words) "some 3 year old who somehow managed to randomly bang on a keyboard in the correct sequence". Well, you may find 'correct sequence' to be a subjective term after viewer this wonderful piece of art. Hahahaha oooooooh, I'm just kidding soul_d! In fact, many will be surprised to know that this comic is based 100% on true events which occurred this past weekend!

Thats it - I'm signing the hell off!

Mar 17, 2004 - Chinese Deloreans


Ahhh, you can tell its spring with the RBlords updates start to dry up! I'm not even going to apologize because in all honesty - I'm not sorry! It's spring, there are better things to do than update stupid webpages! Whoooo!

For the first time in months I sat down and got caught up on all of the blogs (which really made me realize how many there are now). Holy crap, and soul_d wonders why I never read his's just become impossible to read them all so for the most part....I just don't. No offense to any of you guys, I really don't expect you to read this one either - but I know you all will, because you know that on RBlords you have the best chance of seeing boobs. But not today! Ha!

However, I do believe it is my prerogative (yes, thats spelled right - can you believe it?) to state that I am not infected with this rediculous Dog Pound disease that everyone is talking about. In all my years knowing this man I have never felt anything but utter contempt for him, and everything he represents. I do, however, believe I understand where this misconception is erupting from - I believe that perhaps b_pink and audiophile are merely buttering up the Pound in order to steal his Gamecube and rent money. That is the only conclusion I have been able to reach to explain this utterly confusing phenomenon.

Well, now that I've said what is on my mind - here's more! Last night I saw the 'controversial' movie "The Passion of Christ". I really didn't know what to expect walking into the movie, considering every review I read about the movie either gave it half a star, or 5 stars.

This guy is my new hero!
I went with a friend from work who is a dedicated church-goer, and it was through him that I realized 80% of the theatre were also of this breed. How do I know? Well on the way into the theatre, and on the way out afterwards, almost every single person stopped to talk to him about the movie. The entire youth group from his church was even there!

Anyhow, that aside - the movie was great. Really, it fact I walked out of the theatre dumbfounded as to how anyone could give a movie of this callibre half a star? Gibson did well to stick to the story without over-glorifying the plot as he often does in his epic-length films.

Yes...that is a 4x4 Delorean! The movie follows Jesus through the last, most gruesome days of his life. As you have no doubt already heard, it is incredibly gory in parts - but not just for the sake of shock value. I could tell that many people in the theatre had a very hard time with some of the imagery, which is understandable - I can't say it was easy to watch myself. Unless you have a serious problem with watching a movie based on the bible, go out and watch this for yourself - it's a good show.

Next on the plate - there has been some discussion lately about the date of the August hot tub party this year. It appears that many people need to know ahead of time to book time off, so I guess we'd might as well figure it out, even though its a loong way away yet (I'm still waiting for someone to volunteer to have a SPRING hot tub party!).

Anyhow, hit the forums to cast your vote on the final date! Also, check back in the next few weeks as there will also be a vote for the location of the May Long weekend trip this year. One vote at a time!

Well that's all of the relavant content. You might want to check out today's comic...

Oh - and one other thing - webmail is still broken. Why? Because I've been too busy to fix it. Sorry! I promise I will take a look at it - give me another week.

Mar 05, 2004 - Webmail broken


Just a quick update for some quick news....

For those of you who have used the RBlords Webmail client, it is currently offline (as you probably already know). Basilix is broken - I can't figure out why, or what broke it, but I think its time for a new program anyhow. Give me a day or two and I'll get something running.

That was the hey?

Here, have a Protein Man comic to tide you over....

Mar 02, 2004 - For those about to rock....we salute you.


Well....its been awhile since the last update, but I've been pretty busy (I think). I can't really rememeber why, but I get this feeling that I've been really busy lately, and I've probably managed to get a lot done. Truth is - after last night's Skid Row concert I don't remember much at all, much less hear anything out of my right ear. But it fucking rocked, and the boys played like it was their last freakin' show on earth...I don't think I've ever given the devil horns so hard before in my life, I actually managed to cramp my index finger which really made typing a bitch today.

In other news - I just got back from watching "Monster" tonight, the movie with Charlize Theron, the true story of one of America's only known female serial killers. Watching the movie was interesting because I had just watched a one hour documentary on the case a few months ago, including a lot of actual interview footage with Aileen Wuornos (the killer) - I have to say Charilize did an excellent job portraying this woman, even if some of the facts of the trial weren't quite accurate in the movie. Anyhow, go out and watch it because its a good show.

I suppose I should make the announcement - there is yet another blog on the internet which is tied into the happy rblords family. See if you can figure out whose it is...

In the meantime, why not read about how there weren't really spider eggs in Bubble Yum gum... That's actually the only content I have right now.....well, I guess I have some new comics. Actually I have a few new comics - but I can only post one at a time. So hurry up and go check out the comic of the day.

One last thing - I'd like to send a shout out to Kujo for allowing Dawn and myself to crash at his place a couple weeks ago and for keeping us entertained in Edmonton (including a day-long trip to Ikea). I owe you some toast dude!

Aaaaight, thats it for now...

Feb 15, 2004 - Scarey fucking Unicorns


Well - as most of the other blogs have already mentioned - another Valentine's day has come and gone. My thoughts on this? My friggin' 8 year aniversery with Dawn is tomorrow, so I haven't really been thinking much about Valentine's day at all - although Dawn and I did get out for a movie and .... errr..... other Valentine's day stuff. Blue4130 and Fredish weren't even home so I knew I wasn't keeping them up. Bah, its not like I'd be keeping them up for more than a couple minutes anyhow :) BOOOOOO!

OH MY FRIGGIN BA-JEBUS! So, it was Sunday morning and I was sleeping in with my lovely girlfriend (Dawn) when I hear a knock at my front door. My first thought "Aww who the hell is YC dropping off today?", but then I suddenly realized the more likely possibility that the hot Johovah girls were back to give me my weekly copy of the Watchtower magazine. I rolled out of bed buck naked and walked to the door as I always do with the Jehovah girls (hey, they keep coming back!) and friends - what I saw at that moment literally would have made me shit my pants, if I had been wearing them. Thank god for laminate flooring!

So it turns out Darren wasn't talking shit about those shit-disturbing polka-dotted killer unicorns! My neighbor quickly snapped a picture before being eaten alive by the horrendous beast. Also note that the sheer ferocity of this animal literally melted all of the snow on my house/lawn and summoned flowers to sprout all around to gaze upon its magnificant form.
The police tape was because of a completely unrelated incident which occurred only moments earlier, but I won't get into that. Long story short the fucker went away after I fed it 3 deer steaks, a block of cheddar cheese and LoneStar.

Moral of the story: Valentine's day or not, pay special heed to Darren's warnings.

Oh yeah - I should also mention that soul_d threw a 'spring break' party last night (yes, Sunday night) which was attended by myself, the pound, Shea Adonis, James and Mandy. I stopped by with the pound to knock back a couple drinks and play some ukranian card games and ended up crawling through my front door at 4:30 in the morning. Needless to say I had a splitting headache all day - but I did make it to work, albeit an hour and a half late.

I'm not sure if I should thank soul_d or not...I guess I will. Good party. Good times. Shit my head hurts. And its my aniversery tomorrow, and I have to make a roadtrip to Edmonton on Friday. eek!

Musical recommendation of the day: Anything that rocks, kicks or licks. I personally recommend David Coverdale's solo version of "Slave". That's right, David fucking Coverdale. EAT IT

Also - there is a new comic today so go eat that as well, please.


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