Feb 08, 2004 - Because it's 18 and Life, you got it...


So Hollopalooza went off without a hitch - good to see JayB, Travis, and (to a lesser extent) Dog Pound in attendance. soul_d made sure to pack the house with more stereo / lighting / DJ equiptment than I can honestly say I've ever seen in a house before. James entertained us with his constant, yet entertaining, complaining about women. All in all, a good time was had by all (right?).

ARE YOU READY TO ..... yawn... I think it is of greatest importance to mention that Skid Row (or what is left of them) will be making a stop in Saskatoon AND Regina very shortly. In Saskatoon this brings them to 'The Roxy' on March 3rd. If you haven't heard of the Roxy before, it is the former Zoo-bar, which was formerly Rehearsals Canada....on 21st. For the Skid Row fans out there, keep in mind that the only member left of the original band at this time, as pictured to the left, is the great "Snake" Sabo - lead guitarist of the original band. Have a look at the pictures on their site to prove that they can still rock with the best. If that is not enough proof for you, please go to the News section on their site and scroll to the bottom to read the "12.6.02" review of how they literally "brought down the house":

In celebration of this event, and in part because of all of the lame musical recommendations popping up on associated blogs as of late, the musical 'mood' of the day is 'Skid Row - 18 and Life'.

And buy the album, I dont' want you to see you downloading this shit because its fucking illegal.

Over the week or so my 'audiophile' itch has re-surfaced as a result of looking for a new DvD player. Since I've already decided on the Pioneer Elite DV-47A (believe me, $500 IS the cheapest you will pay for TRUE SACD/DvD-A high-resolution playback) - this has opened the doors for a whole world of wallet-draining additions to my already high-priced two-channel system. On the plus side, I've actually found a true hi-fi quality 6 channel pre-amp, and probably the only decent one under $3000US. No decoder, no filters, no bass/treble adjustment....just a simple no-comprimise 6 channel volume knob with a 6-channel analouge DVD-A/SACD input. It is called the Audio Refinement Pre5 and is 'affordably' priced at around $1200CAD....hopefully I should be able to grab a used one for around $500US. This means also purchasing additional amps for the rear and center channels...for this application I hope to stick with AudioSource Amp/Two amplifiers (2 more of them).

For now, the plan for rear channel speakers is to build a set of monitors out of the extra 2 W17E002 6.5" Drivers I have sitting around, paired with a new set of tweeters which I have not yet decided on. Since I already have the midrange drivers, all I will have to purchase is the tweets and x-over components.

Gah, of course this whole project is going to take at least another year to complete. This audiophile stuff is addictive, and adding a HT aspect to it just blows all cost considerations out of proportion! So unless I win the lottery soon, this could be awhile. But it's always fun to dream isn't it?

Fun stuff....so I suppose I should also mention that I went to the Nickelback concert that was in Saskatoon last week... and I have to admit, although I like Nickelback from what I've heard of them on the radio, I wouldn't have considered myself a huge fan of their music - but I have to say that they put on one hell of a concert. For a Canadian rockband, there was no shortage of showmanship on their part....plenty of pyro, good music, and Chad Kroeger was very interactive with the audience which helped keep the energy high at Sask Place. Like Dog Pound so adequately put it: "They rock out like its the last show they will ever play". I have to agree, totally worth the $40....and I now have a new-found respect for these new Canadian-born rockstars. One last thing I'd like to mention is that they have a VERY audible classic-Metallica influence which shows through very clearly in their live performance.

So...for those of you who were forced to watch the SuperBowl over Canadian Television (probably most of you) - here's where you can watch the US Superbowl Commercials. These are always good, so give it some time and download all of them...

The new profiles section is coming along....slowly....I've forgotten how long it has been since I've last tried to web-program. This is what happens when you work for the government for 4 years! Anyway, I hope to see some progress and get at least a couple of the profiles up by the end of this week - so keep your eyes peeled because they will be great.

Jan 28, 2004 - My Immortal Captain is David Coverdale


Hey all...it's cold outside so I'm posting an update. I thought it would be rather boring, but turns out I actually have content to mention as well - wow!

First of all - it's blog city all of a sudden, even the mighty non-trend following YC has created his own BLOG. Another new one I recently learned about is Candice's BLOG....if you don't know who she is, stop by redbandana's site and look up her friends list...

I've been asked by an anonymous source to provide more detailed information about the upcoming Hollopalloza party. Apparently not all are invited, only the sexy people. Anyhow, here's the address....look to the right for a detailed map (click to enlarge)


So make an informed decision to attend, or to not attend. Just be informed that if you chose the latter, soul_d will likely inform you that you are obviously misinformed about how awesome this party will be. He may then follow up by informing your ass that a foot may be coming it's way. And I wouldn't mess with that - because soul_d has twice been arrested for being awesome.

I'm just warning you!
Goin' back, goin' back, goin' back to Tyraq!

As some of you know, I've long considered re-doing the RBlords reader profiles - in fact some of you have even sent me your suggestions and templates for the questions to be asked. After careful deliberation I have decided on something else....I thought "Hey...who knows my friends best? Them, or me?" and the answer to that question is obviously me....so *I* am going to start working on profiles for all of my friends and you'll just have to like them.

I hope I still have your attention, because I have some pretty flashy pictures for you. Trevor "The Coiler" Coulman has expressed his opinion that my site needs some spicing up. In addition to this, he has been working some ridiculously long hours latest and decided that instead of spending the time to hit the bar and pick up some whores, he'd just post his personal ad on rblords to save the trouble, and let the girls come to him. In fact, he is so convinced of this idea that he didn't even bother to make a writeup, or leave his address or phone number. Have a look at his pics (not at work), then send him your comments. Once again, only the sexy people please.

That's it...I thought I had more, but then I spent way too much time trying to dig up that ticket to scan....uhhhh, yeah I'll be back for more soon I'm sure!

Jan 26, 2004 - Jammin' good with Weird and Gilly...


Hey all...

Well, I had a breif little holliday last week as I had Wed, Thur, Friday off in order to take off to Calgary and see David Bowie in concert. The show was awesome - hard to imagine that guy is in the same age group as Keith Richards and yet appears to be closer to 35...both in looks and energy. Macy Gray opened the show and was good as well - I enjoyed it, and it's always nice to see a newer artist who sounds just as good (if not better) live than on their albums. I'm going to see Nickleback on friday (hey, a friend had an extra ticket....) so we'll see if they measure up....Dog Pound says they do, but he was heavily dehydrated when he (dreamed he) saw them.

Got an email from Bustanut Beblow last week letting me know he's still alive...I hadn't even thought of it, but I should have called him up while I was in Calgary...oh well. Anyhow, the goof is getting married so I'm hoping for one hell of a stag! I hope they plan it at least a month prior, to allow Mark's arm to heal after all the door-punching he will be doing.

Anyhow....the true inspiration to this update was so that you could all see this. Don't bother clicking on this at work or in front of your mom. This is possibly the best use for flash that I have ever seen.

Also, please give this game a try. It's a stick-man RPG game which can be highly addictive, at least I know it spread quickly through work like a plague. Give it a shot.

And that's it. Everybody remember to come out for Hollopalloza 2004 this Saturday....currently being billed as the last hollopalloze ever....be there or be....uhhhhh..... not there.

Jan 12, 2004 - Just like a white winged dove...


sings a song ...Sounds like she's singing...

Alright people, its BLOG time! This is the part of the year when I have no actual content, so I revert to spewing out some senseless garbage about my life which most people should find boring.....and just to make it worse I'll do my best to write the whole damn thing in some obscure 19th century european vernacular. Or, ahhh, maybe not.

New year has come and gone, and perhaps the most noticeable difference to me has been my change of job. Oh yes, I'm still working for our great municipal government, but they've finally managed to rope me into the central department of computer staff. This is a change is policy more than a change of function, in essence I will be performing similar job duties in the same area (physically) for the same department, but I am now split between two supervisors and had a lot of my 'perks' stripped. Parking spot, car allowance, mileage - all gone. In it's place I am allowed the use of a city vehicle....I can choose between a shitty '97 Chevy S10 truck or an equally shitty '97 Plymouth Voyager. You will note that they are both, if nothing else, shitty.

Needless to say I will be parking in the same parking spot even though it has been 'taken'. Luckily it takes about 5 years to re-assign a parking spot so I'm sticking around until they kick me out. Oh, speaking of parking - if you're reading this Unit3, I got another parking ticket in your car - this time in an Impark parking lot. Damn I hate impark....and without thinking I parked there without paying (as I always do) while forgetting that it was not my car. Normally I park in Impark parking lots everytime I visit downtown, and simply tear up any ticket I get - I'd urge you to do the same. Legally Impark (or any private company, for that matter) has no right to administer 'fines' of any sort. Add to this the fact that neither of Canada's two main credit bureaus care about parking tickets of any kind - even municipal.

Yes, they will send your parking 'violation' to a collection agency once in awhile, who will send you all of 2 or 3 letters before giving up. This really shouldn't matter to you at all seeing as how this is still just a parking offense and will not touch your credit. At this point all Impark can do is take you to small claims court, on their bill. You do not need a lawyer to go to small claims court - in fact you can not have a lawyer. This is to provide everyone with an equal playing field in front of a small claims court judge. The punchline: legally, since Impark can not give fines, the most they can 'sue' you for is the amount you 'forgot' to pay at the ticket booth. This is usually $3-$5 in downtown Saskatoon - and they have just spent at least $100 to get that $5 for you. Of course, this will never happen. They can, however, tow your car if you repeatedly park in the same lot without paying, and bill you for the tow....but I have yet to see that happen. But I'll let you know.

Hmmm, anyway - soul_d's quarter-century birthday came and went with 3 seperate parties. I was able to make it to the first 2, but I'm afraid thats about all this old man's wallet can handle, so I must apologize to soul_d for not making it to the long branch (gay) on Saturday. Nevertheless, Friday at Shockwave/Dirtydrive was good times and I had a hoot watching soul_d get pee'd out of his tree. Yeah, I said pee'd.

On the 15th, or soon after, I will be going back to the gym (gime), which I have successfully avoided for the past year and a half (has it been that long?). The advantage this time is that I have an actual workout 'plan' to stick to which is quite specific, which I was lacking before. The point of said excercise is to get in shape for summer so that I can flex on the beach and attract numerous hot girls to make Dawn jealous and numerous hot dudes to make Dog Pound jealous. My diet? Crackers and Vodka.

I have also managed to go nuts with budgeting lately. I've always kept a pretty close eye on my money, whether its coming or going - but now more than ever I'm striving to be a cheap-ass, and have been since June. My plan was/is to pay off all of my debt by next June (not this June) - and believe me, between purchasing a $3000 stereo, a $4500 TV, a $3000 boat, a $1000 deck, and other assorted goodies, including purchasing a house in need of roof repairs and student loan payments - I managed to rack it up pretty good. By June however, I will have paid over half of it off - and thats pretty good considering I have still managed to eat occasionally. My reward for paying this all off.....well, I'd really like to begin to restore a classic convertible. I'm thinking a '68 Firebird...I've always liked those. We'll see how that goes.

Oh yes, before I forget - if you actually read this site, Rachel - I don't think you're a slut, I only wish you were. Dog Pound can explain to you the depth of my unhealthy obsession with you, but I will save the readers from such torment. Maybe I'll write my feelings in an e-card and email them to you, of course then I'd have to know your email address. I'm sure a moderate amount of stalking will turn one up! Heh, but on the chance that I will never see you again, we'll always have our meatloaf........ahhh.

But enough about that! For those of you who suffered through that inane babble, here's a new Protein Man comic for you to feast upon. And if that dosen't tickle your fancy (and even if it does) - maybe you'd like to read MORE blog? Well then check out the newest BLOG on the net - The Essential JayB. But that's all for me....I don't even have any pictures to show you!

Jan 09, 2004 - What a great idea!


Just a quick update....I HAD to post this news story!

All I can say is - damn, smart girls :-)

Jan 08, 2004 - New Years photos & D Mans birthday


Just a quick update to let everybody know that the new years pictures are up (at least some of them) - just go here.

Also, I forgot to make an update wishing soul_d a happy birthday and Ukranian christmas because I was too busy attending a bikini-contest with him at the dirtydrive. It's all good!

So to keep you entertained, check out the new comic today. We are taking a breif break from the neverending Protein-Man series, but don't worry - there will be more!

Jan 06, 2004 - It's a new year!


Ok, I have been served with an order from the supreme court to never mention fat chicks on my site again, EVEN THOUGH I DIDN'T! Stupid Supreme court.

This is one of the better ass cracks out there! Anyhow, although I am writing this update on the 6th, I am writing it for the 7th - which is Soul_D's birthday! I'm not sure what is going on yet, but I'm sure that it will involve bikinis, and I will be there. This also might happen if we're not careful!

Anyhow, the new year is here - finally. I tell you, I was getting sick and tired of 2003 and I'm glad to see it go! Why? I can't remember, but I think its because of something Steven did. The Dog Pound-free new years party went over really well, except that it wasn't 100% DogPound-free because he phoned in the middle of it! Oh well its all good, I tried to pour him a vodka special over the phone and, well, I need a new phone.

I wish I had some pictures ready to post but I don't - your best bet is probably to watch Red Bandana's site for some pictures. Thanks to her and Julianne for the 300 jello shooters, and thanks to Coz for the bar mix! Oh yeah and cudos to Jeff for showing up and being awesome.

Everybody check out Dog Pound's birthday pictures at his site, or better yet look here to view them in the RBlords Gallery. W00t!

And thats about it for today - keep checking back because I will eventually link to some pictures from new years....or maybe I'll even scan and post some myself....hey it could happen! Oh yeah, and check out the webcam below, I found that in a bunch of the hot tub photos which didn't make the original 'cut'. Shit does that Rachel ever get around!


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