May 03, 2002


Ok...only one update last month, I have to admit that is pretty lame. I'd love to post some videos for y'all but I have to resolve the issues with web bots leeching them constantly...and I'm not sure how I'm going to fix that yet. Oh well, I'll get to it. Eventually.

At least someone is doing something with their webpage..._SPACE_ has updated the layout of her page so go have a look!

To be honest, I just can't wait to this point my house is a mess and I can't bring myself to clean it up because I know I'm just going to be moving in 3 weeks anyhow...and Pike Lake 2K2 is going to be here in 2 weeks, yet apparently it's supposed to snow tomorrow. BAH! The new server is pretty much ready to go, but I'm having problems with the SCSI array right now ... hopefully I'll have it fixed by the time June rolls around because the rest of the system is freakin' sweet.

Today in an email conversation, YC, Blue4130 and I discussed the art of 'selling out'. From this we got into a discussion about designer jeans; CK, Ralph Lauren, Versache, etc...and whether or not people were stupid for spending $200 on a nice pair of pants. Anyhow, I have come up with a single good use for brand name jeans (once they have worn out of course), and have posted my solution to the right.

A couple days ago YC emailed me a link to put up on the site, and I'd better do that while I'm here so I don't forget. Anyhow, follow this link to the sweetest 'Type R' you've ever set your eyes on!!

I also have an obligation to mention Red Bandana Online, as Barb has been tormenting me to do so. Also, she has mentioned me so I guess its only fair! Anyhow, all I have to say is I really like the new layout of her site, it rules. I only wish someone would make me a nice looking interface, as I'm so freaking useless! Yay, Barb!

Ha, this update is very difficult to type when my computer keeps randomly rebooting every few minutes...quite frustrating really but I have no idea how to fix it. I hate computers, therefore it makes more sense to just buy another one than to fix this one for free...but I don't want to spend the money. So I am going to live with this computer reseting every few minutes. In a way its kinda refreshing. Everytime it boots back up I here those wonderful windows 'chimes', and I feel reborn! It's a very spiritual, uplifting experience really. Last night I left my computer on and the sound cranked up so that every few minutes the sound of the windows chimes would pierce through the quiet of my house, and rejuvenate my spirit. Needless to say I slept in and was late for work the next day. Fucking windows.

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"I Think We're Alone Now..."

Heh...I can just imagine Blue4130 filling his pants right now (sorry for the image). Yes, on the left is none other than 80s pop star Tiffany, who incidently posed nude in playboy for the April issue. Feel free to browse through the pics by clicking on the links below the picture to the left. I think all you guys will agree that this is the best thing since Jefferson Airplane. And since I actually have way more pictures than shown here, you can download the complete set here.

If you are offended by nudity, or you just don't want your girlfriend/wife/kids to see you looking at these pictures, perhaps you could amuse yourself with this humerous picture of a male and female carrot. Hahahaha....oh man, thats hilarious!

Ahh, here's a link I've been meaning to put up for a long time! I think this guy might be using his brain too much, but some of his experiments are pretty cool to play with. In particular, give the human head a try - its a blast. You can easily spend way too much of your time on this page, especially if you're a geek.

And for all of you local Saskatoon dwellers might find this interesting: a live broadcast of local police radio. I think that Razor may be running this website out of his closet...either way, its quite entertaining and completely legit. I listened to a couple of cops talk for almost 15 minutes about their low carb diets before one of them decided to actually go help some kid that had been passed out against a Macs store the whole time. Ahhh great fun!

Anyhow...that was just way too much content...time to leave this off with a celebrity quote as always...
"I adore Beavis and Butthead. It is an extraordinary, powerful and important piece of work. It also makes me laugh like a drain."
- Patrick Stewart
Apr 22, 2002


Wow, talk about neglecting my readers! Seems this always happens in the spring...I start of summer-related things, and somehow forget about this site. Consequently, I'm sure you are all less interested in keeping up with rblords during this peak time. Nevertheless, the ball rolls on!

I found myself a shack..and for those of you familiar with the neighborhoods of jolly ol' Saskatoon, it is located in the South-West corner of Sutherland. Thats right, I'm moving to the train yard. Nice big house, nice big shop in the back (that's the important part) and a fair size lot to boot! I'm really impressed with the lot sizes in just don't find a 50'x145' many other places, unless you are willing to move into Montgomery. ANYHOW, possesion date is May31st so I've got another month yet. However, I'm letting you know this because there will probably be an inevitable downtime around then. Chances are, with having to get my high-speed link relocated, and moving in and such...the site could face up to a week of downtime. I hope you can find it within yourselves to forgive me...

Meanwhile I will sit here and think about the lake...which reminds me. PIKE LAKE 2K2 is just around the corner. Matter of a month, really. And now that I look, I didn't even put up Pike Lake 2K1 pictures! Hmmmm...perhaps I should get right on that. Either way, PIKE LAKE 2K2 promises to be reasonably more entertaining than a barrel of monkeys, and possibly AS entertaining as YC chugging a bottle of tequila. Sounds like we could have quite the crew this year...and if the weather holds up....well...lets just say I hope everyone makes it home ok :)

Beyond Pike Lake this year, I'm hoping to be spending most of my free time at the lake...either boating or just kicking it back in my hammock. This year I finally have my full 3 weeks of hollidays to burn up, and I fully intend to get rid of all 3 weeks between June 1st and September 1st. Can you blame me? I'd like to get some good fishin' done this year too...maybe I can catch one of nature's finest creations...the 2-headed Saskatchewan wonder-fish. Only available in the fine, clean lakes of Saskatchewan! (see picture to the left). Hey, time for some pictures...these all revolve around the beautiful seasons of Saskatchewan (yea thats where I live)...

Ok - enough updating for now. Catch y'all later....

Mar 28, 2002


Ha! I'm back! Miss me?

The snow is melting, the temperature is rising, and the bears are decending from the nearby mountains surrounding my quaint hometown in search of food. Lucky for them the gophers are already popping out of their holes. What does this all mean? Thats right, an increase in local gas prices. And the cycle continues...(chart below does not graph hibernation patterns or mean gopher population - but it IS related)

I believe I mentioned having some problems with the server and my internet service awhile back...seems the site has been putting out a steady 3.9GB/day for at least the past few months. At first I thought RBlords had gained immense popularity as it lay dorment in the corner of my spare bedroom on top of the phone book I'm using for a case. However, it seems internet search bots have been downloading every video I've ever posted on this site (about 800megs worth)...and there were about 8 of them downloading these videos at any given time. Needless to say the videos have temporarily been taken offline until I can find away around this little problem. RBlords lives...and stronger than ever.

The pieces for the new RBlords server will be arriving fact some of them are already here. Hopefully once put together we will have a solid running system that I will no longer have to maintain - just shove into the corner and forget about it. Basically what I do now, except its going to work.

I received a gas bill today for $271. Convinced that it was a mistake, I phoned the toll-free number and the explained to me that they just took a reading, and that the last reading taken was in September. I asked them why they hadn't taken one in so long and their response was "There are 2 large dogs in the backyard". Thats funny, I haven't seen any? Anyhow the bottom line is that I have to pay this stupid-ass bill!

(I'm not sure who makes the T-Shirt on the left - so don't ask!)

Ever think of all the wild things you got caught doing in highschool? Chances are they don't top this kid. Something tells me this kid didn't mind taking the 3 day suspension... can't help but wonder whether or not the girl involved got a notice too :)

If you have time (and if you haven't already seen this), you MUST watch this flash video of Romeo and Juliet done in L33T speak. The soundtrack is absolutely amazing, and the artistry...well...reminds me of something JayB would have drawn.

I've got most to post...mostly videos though, so I'll have to get this bandwidth issue sorted out, then you'll be in for a special, special surprise! In the meantime, I'll leave you with a wise celebrity quote to think about:

"I have always hated that damn James Bond. I'd like to kill him."
- Sean Connery

Mar 20, 2002


Sorry for the lack of updates everyone. but I'm sorta in the midst of a few issues right now....for one, I'm trying to piece together a more reliable server to replace this old clunker which is literally running without a case, sitting on top of a phone book right now. I'm also hoping to be moving within the next month or so, so service will be interrupted at that point.

Either way I'll keep you posted, but don't expect many new updates until a month or so down the road....

Mar 13, 2002


Sorry for the downtime folks, the motherboard in our server finally bit the dust. Thanks to a donation from Blue4130 we are up and running again until I can built a newer, better server.

We went through an ip change, so some things might still be screwy...let me know if you see something that doesn't look right.

Mar 01, 2002


Ok everybody...I have an important announcement to make to listen up! Apparently there have been difficulties lately in the release of the upcoming Mr. Show movie "Run, Ronnie, Run". I can not explain how incredibly important it is that this movie be released! Anyhow, please show your support by reading this page and making your voice heard.


Feb 26, 2002


Well...I've been meaning to post an update for almost a week now, but tonight I decided to clean up the house - and this is my break. Ok, so I haven't really started yet - I'll get to it. Anyways, to start things off I hope everyone had a great valentine's day filled with love, or at least a big juicy steak. If you can't have one, the other will do :).

I'm not going to even bother covering the two gold medals we rightfully obtained this past weekend. I'm sure you've all heard enough about it that I really couldn't offer anything more. Awesome...just awesome. I heard somebody mention today over lunch that the Canada-US game on Sunday scored as the most-watched and listened-to broadcast on Canadian TV/Radio ever. Apparently almost a third of our population was watching or listening to that game in one form or another - thats a pretty big deal. Oh well I said I wasn't going to talk about this so away I go...

Time to call Uncle Jed and your sixteen cousins over for the summer....the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation has declared a Provincial Gopher Derby. Thats right...for a minimal entry fee of only $20 you can get out your guns, bow&arrows, traps or poisons and start a' killin. The 10 people with the most (frozen) gopher tails by June 23rd win. Dang, and just when I went and retired my old trusty throwin' rock!

Anyhow, the point of this story: Watch out for gun-weilding hillbillies this summer who may mistake your passing car as a huge mother-gopher.

I must say, I had quite the response to my love story link which I posted for valentine's day. Apparrently some readers were very disturbed by the content within the story. All I have to say is - if you could not see the love in that beautiful story then you are indeed a very evil and cruel person. Especially you Brian. goes on. soul_d emailed me the other day (along with a flock of other people) with a link which he felt must absolutely be spread around the world. He finds it imperitive that everyone get a chance to read about the science set out for you on this site. Apparently the guy who wrote the page will pay $1000 to the first person who will disprove his theories of existance....check it out, and try not to go nuts reading the huge oversized fonts.

Blue4130 emailed me a video today which I simply couldn't hold back from showing you all. I think that soul_d will get a kick out of it especially. Click Here to download the video - its 13 megs but well worth it. I'd love to give you a hint as to what it is, but it would spoil the fun. Don't worry, its nothing dirty. However, Blue4130 DID send me some other content that WAS dirty, and I think I'll hold back from posting it at this time...

Also, here's another neat link for ya - a javascript clock. There's some pretty nifty math programming in there if you look at the code (if your into that sorta thing).

Well...I guess thats all I have for now. Good day, eh? And don't get caught with your pants down!


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