Nov 08, 2001


WHAT?!?? So I don't update! Why all the hatemail!?!?

Ok I lied...other than Dog Pound nobody has complained. I'm hurt. Really, I am. I suppose I should follow _SPACE_'s example though, she's been updating like crazy lately...

Well...winter is pretty much here for those of us in northern quarter of the globe...the polar bears are ransacking our igloos and the avalanches have crippled our somewhat primitive road looks like we're trapped indoors for another cold, frigid half-year!

Ok, for those who haven't already seen it, check out this awesome skincream commercial.

For all of you flight simulator junkies or Taliban terrorists out there, here's a patch for Flight Simulator 2000 to remove the World Trade Centers from the landscape. Just in case it really bothered you that they were still there...

There, I actually put out some crappy content :)

Whats new around here? Not much...the new server is doing well, no problems yet. Not sure whats going to happen to RBlords in the future...I seem to find less and less time to keep it up, and the site is in major need of an overhaul. For now we're stuck with this boring look until I can whip something else up (never).

This past weekend I took a trip to our Queen city to hit up Casino Regina. I'm proud to say that I returned with all of the money I entered with, plus $15. Not much, but hey at least I came out on the up side! I can't believe how many 200 year old women there are playing 2 slot machines at once, with $400 in each one...depressing really. I even saw one woman win $200 on the $1 slots...she was jumping around all excited...then when it was finally finished paying out she just went back to least I knew when to stop!

Unfortunately, Dog Pound got bitten by the gambling bug...and while I was hitting up the slots, and soul_d was hitting up the sluts, DP lost his entire life savings. On the up side, it was only $20. Either way, he recieved a quick slap on the wrist and we brought him back to our sleazy motel room. I should also mention that YC hated our motel room and insisted that we leave, but we didn't. YC hates a lot of things...he's a surly motherfucker.

Anyhow, check back soon - I'll have more content up right away. Until then, check out the inactive Discussion Board!


Oct 24, 2001


I've had numerous complaints about the 'stupid annoying snowflakes' on the site, so I've dealt with that... Also, you all have to go and read this very intriging article from "Thin, Attractive Woman accepted for who she is". Make sure to read the WHOLE article, its very informative.

Oct 22, 2001


Snow??? SNOW?!?!??!
Ok, I guess it's about that time and I can't really complain. I was also glad to see that my fellow Saskatoonians were celebrating this morning in their usual fashion of bumpercar antics on our main bridges. Nothing like a good snowfall to bring everyone together (in a flaming pile of steel and flesh).

Needless to say, there is some joy to the season as well. Such as snowmobiling, skating, and my personal favorite, bumper shining. There's just nothing like the feeling of being dragged behind a car, eating exhaust, in -40C weather as your friend Dog Pound almost swings you right under a parked semi. Ahhh the memories! Also, this begins a season of road trips to Regina, as Unit3 has left us once again to partake in the horrific Wascana rituals that make our evil capital. Oh, did I say horrific? I meant to say shit-tabulous. All I can say is that I hope he helps many starving children down there have a "MERRY ABSMAS", even though we all know it doesn't snow way down south in Regina.

I'm at work right now, so I don't really have any good pictures to post. Instead I will ramble on and on...

Anyone seen the new Star Trek series? Starring my personal role model, Scott Bakula (guy from Quantum Leap), and a wide assortment of actors/actresses sure to make an interesting series. The series takes place before Captain Kirk was even born, and follows the first 'Enterprise' in a time where inter-steller space travel was still something rather new. There have been 4 episodes now, so have a look on Wednesday and see if you like it. Personally, I was a big fan of the Next Generation, and the original series, and Deep Space Nine to some extent (mostly the earlier seasons). I don't think I've ever watched a full episode of Voyager. I think Star Trek - Enterprise will be an interesting series...especially since they are going back to the old mentality of Kirk's crew - where most of them are friends foremost, and don't take space travel nearly as seriously as the rest of 'StarFleet'. Should be pretty cool I think.

Anyhow, thats all I have to say for now. Enjoy the snowflakes. I was going to put up some sweet midi xmas music, but I decided against it.

To make up for the total lack of content, I will offer this new song by the Butthole Surfers.

Oct 15, 2001


Hello and welcome to yet another installment of the Rappablords Update brought to you by yours truly, Audiophile. There have been huge huge developments in the last several weeks since my last update. I will start with the oldest news and work my way up to present day.

As many of you may know Spitifire had recently bought yet another Unbreakabah Dodge product to last the bitter winter while his exotic sportsters are parked for the off season. And he could not have picked a better car to fight old man winter than the Chrysler Cordoba. Beautiful yet bold this car will make any head turn, just ask Clarence Chickenfeather.

YC also took his Chevelle to the local 1/4 mile strip for the last races of the season to test how the car would run in a typical "street race" without slicks and full exhaust and his best time was a 13.5.

Also THE Connor Prediger is now officially back in Saskatoon for the long term. She decided to leave London after her Mexican/English husband fled the country when a warrant for his arrest was issued. Although Connor has been through a rough recovery over the last week, she is settling in quite nicely and you can expect her to be back at work making babies within the next 2 weeks. Welcome back Connor!

Rumor has it that the infamous Mr.Trembach has been training to be a master in the Martial Arts field. Many questions have arose since this information has been released. I for one think it is a good thing, but still concede that Trembach had better make his way far beyond the citrus colors of his current belt before he decides to challenge me!

I believe this was taken during the great fire of '98

The word on the streets is Blue4130 likes Hummers!

There were great festivities had last weekend when Dog Pound held the first party he'd had in a coon's age. Some of the highlights included, suffocation of Cayley, shit kicking of Dallas by way of feline, Clayton making out with Danielle while Brian gave them the thumbs up, the removal of the only native person at the party, YC showing us all how to properly dance the Disco craze!, Unit3 showing us how to properly dance the Zombie craze!, and Dog Pound showing us his underwear.

Since YC has bought his digital camera, the access to pictures of friends and members of the Rblords staff over the computer have been phenominal. I have also recently purchased a new video card that enables me to send full motion video to my computer via a video camera. These two things give me the opportunity to make my own personal movies on my computer, and one of my newest hobbies is making compilations of friends.

My first compilation is called Friends I and you can download it by clicking here. Many of you have already seen Friends I so I am also including Friends II which is the newest addition to the Friends series which can be downloaded by clicking here. If you are having difficulty viewing the video you may want to download the proper codec which can be found here.
NOTE: Both these videos are approximately 20 megs in size.

And lastly YC had a get together at his cabin overlooking Chitek lake last weekend. There was great fun had during this getaway until Dog Pound challenged Spitfire to a Busby eating challenge. Spitfire not being one to back down from such a challenge barreled into the duel head first. As you will see from the pictures below; no one wins in an eating contest!

That concludes this update, stay tuned for more!

Have a good week and enjoy.............Toodles!

Oct 09, 2001


Hmmm....kinda forgot about rblords for awhile there! Sorry about that...I've probalby lost the last of my readers by now...but either way I'm still going to update...

Changes? The Rblords server, oden, has received a complete overhaul since the last couple updates....not only has it moved locations physically (from my parents place to my place), but has had its first real re-install since it was born a couple years back. I've decided, after much encouragement from Unit3, to switch over to Debian Linux as an alternative to RedHat...and although at first I was finding things a little wonky (mostly system file/directory changes) I've pretty much gotten the hang of it now. Also, I popped some extra HD space in there, so if you use oden for file transfers you will notice a couple gigs of extra space, which will be nice. Also, the webpage now has its own dedicated hard drive (who cares, right?).

What's new? That merciless YC has stripped me from my well-deserved title as SETI King. Yes...thats right, he has risen above and beyond my record amount of did he do it? I assume he hacked the SETI database...but he could have also just given out blowjobs to the guys at Berkeley....

Anyone remember Well, I just talked to The Saint today and he claims that it is going to be making a glorious comeback. Just give it a couple days and it should work again. I am expecting the entire internet to slow down on this glorious day!

Also some changes in the RBlords network...our family of webpages on this server now consist of:, __SPACE__, Blue4130's naughty site, and Binaryboys. You may notice the absense of, it has been changed to

Blue4130 should know who this is!

Content? I've been meaning to post this link for awhile on PC security. It's worth a look for anybody who has ever worried about how to prevent a theif from breaking into your house and stealing your computer...SO GO LOOK!

If your bored at work, try this online shooting game, brought to you by the Stick Men fighting will provide you with literally _minutes_ of fun!

Anyhow thats all for now, gotta catch some sleep. Don't give up on my updates! And if you need more, go check out target=space>_SPACE_ to see what she's up to...

Sep 30, 2001


Just a quick update to let everyone know I'm you can see the server is now up, but the website isn't 100% restored yet, so you'll have to just make do with this crappy update for a few days :). I'll have all other services up is back up, but passwords have changed.

Sep 20, 2001


Hello out there! This is going to be quick as I'm at work currently and quite busy (yeah, right).

First of all, I'd like to offer my condolences to all those effected, either directly or indirectly, by the terrorist actions against the states this past Tuesday. I can't imagine the pain some people are no doubt going through at this time in New York, and elsewhere. I'd love to offer my opinion on the whole situation, but I don't need to start a big hairy arguement over politics, that what the Discussion Board is for.

For the most part, I'd like to make everyone aware that the main RBlords server, oden, is going to be moving (physically) this weekend. I will try and minimize the downtime, but I'm afraid an ip change is inevitable. With a bit of luck, I hope to take it down Friday night, and have everything working again on Monday morning, so as a result all RBlords email accounts will not be available, nor will any other services (Sorry Mel!). I'll try and make this short and sweet. Oh yeah, and I'm planning an upgrade in server space at the same time, so to those of you who store files on oden, this is a good thing.

So thats about it...I said I wasn't going to voice my opinion about the whole terrorist incident, but I do have to post this:

The Rebuilding of the Worlds Trade Center


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