May 02, 2001


First off today, I would like to display to everyone this wonderful work of your left is a high-end car audio amplifier built by SoundStream. The amp is called the "Human Reign" and was crafted by world renowned artist/sculpter William Boddy and comes with the following description:

If you want to know more about this amp, just click on the picture to the left. I would also like to mention that the main page of the SoundStream Webpage is TERRIBLE. Ugh, I can't believe they actually put that up. Click on the "Flash Version" of their website, I think Dog Pound will get a laugh outta this.

My Bel-Air _should_ arrive home tomorrow, and my Supra shouldn't be more than another week or so. Also, it looks like I may actually finally get the chance to move out the weekend of the 11th, so that will be fun.

I had lunch today with Dr. Razor and YC. Razor found a way to make a bunch of instant money by selling his house and living in backalleys, which allowed him to buy himself a brand new 61" TV and broken Street Fighter II arcade game. Seems he was right about to drive all the way to Regina to pick it up until he realized (by looking in the phone book) that there are a handful of places in town here that sell the games as well. Hmmm...

Laughing at MicroSoft is always fun...check out this sweet entry from their knowledge base. Talk aboiut forcing your users to use uncrackable passwords! I also heard the other day that Bill Gates has fallen in the rankings and is no longer the richest man in the US, mostly because of all the money he has been spending in court lately. I can't remember the numbers exactly, but I think I heard that he went from being worth $18 billion to something like $6 billion. Poor, poor, bill. He'll have to trade in his platinum shoes for gold ones like I've got!

Need a good way to get out of the office without your boss finding out? Then this instructional video is for you! I think this video would be of particular interest to YC, who is constantly complaining about how his boss won't allow him to go to the 7-11 and buy strawberry marshmellows and cobra candies during the day. Try it out!

Speaking of 7-11s, they now have a MOUNTAIN DEW SLURPEE! (see pic). I'm a gonna get me one a these tomorra!

In other news (there's a lot of news today), soul_d has his stereo installed in his Camaro now, so if you hear your walls shaking and some engine revving, its probably him and he's probably lost again. That guy boasts about how shit-hot his gas mileage is but he forgets to tell you that he goes through a tank of gas just getting home from work because he can't see worth shit.

Thats it for today, I'm outta here!

Apr 30, 2001


Last day of April...and I didn't do an update on Friday...why? I was sick. This weekend passed by fairly quickly (in my opinion), and apparently soul_d thought my bonfire on friday was dumb, but YC has moved into his new place, and his party on Saturday rocked for as long as I was present.

My cars are still both in the shop, and this is starting to get frustrating. My Supra has finally had its motor pulled out, and now the mechanic that is working on it doesn't want to put a new motor in, because he's scared of ever having to take the motor out again if something were to go wrong. So thats 3 professional mechanics now that I have scared off with my car. Tomorrow I'm off to the dealership to ask how much they would charge to drop a new motor in with a warranty attached, I don't think I have much other choice. My Bel-Air, on the other hand, should be ready tomorrow, or maybe I can't wait to get that back.


And thats it!

Apr 29, 2001


The Quick Weekend Story

Jet D spent the weekend trying to install a monster Xplod system into his camaro.
Audiophile has been helping him every step of the way.
YC is now king of sixth street, and there is a cute catholic school girl next door.

Friday night was dumb.
Saturday night was pretty good until the fighting started.

Five lines from five songs to think about:

This world is only about you.
The smartest thing you ever did was take a chance on me.
So whatever it is you puffin' on that got you thinking that you superman - I got the kryptonite and I smack it with my dick and the mic.
Cause I'm in no rush and I can't stand rushin' - everything's slow motion like I'm trippin' on tussin'.
When I come and bring the ruckus suckas duck out the door.

So that's it for now.

Apr 25, 2001


Paint paint paint, still getting the new house ready (yeah, I haven't moved yet). Dog Pound came by to encourage me under strict supervision for awhile which made the job a little less lonely, but then he fucked off to go visit his real friends at the bar....Jack and Jim. What a lush!

I think soul_d is mad at me. He phoned me today to see what I was doing and I was like "I'm going to the gym, then to go painting" and he was like "you're always fucking off somewhere else" and I was like "so what" and he was like "not like I care" and I was like "yeah" and he was like "*click*". What a jerk!

I have a video for everyone today. Thats right, content!! Anyhow, this video is simply a hilarious beer commercial. (Warning: Contains nudity. Unit3 should probably not see this).

But thats about it, I have to get back to setting up dialup on oden so that I will have an actual internet connection when I move out. I'll probably get high-speed hooked up at home as well, but even then it takes 2 weeks for them to come out and hook it up! Oh well...its freakin hot outside (+21 today) so I'm not gonna sit around and complain about slow internet speeds, I've got to get practiced up for all the sweet beach vollyball I'm gonna be playing with all the babes at the lake this year! Oh, and my girlfriend too of course :)

Apr 23, 2001


Well...the speakers are in and set up. All I can say is "Wow". These speakers honestly sound better than I even thought they could have, so in short I am very happy with the end result. Audiophile and his brother did a remarkable job in applying the veneer and staining it for me, they honestly look twice as good in person as they do in the pictures from last update. So come on by and have a listen!

So, where is everybody? Haven't had any RBlords donations for awhile (other than DP and his Mr. Roboto Article), and I can't keep this rambling on forever! Know what? I think its time that mrp submit something for me, like an article perhaps, rather than wasting all of his time in stupid school. That is, of course, assuming he even reads this page anymore.

Nobody has offered me any money for the Volare yet, which is very surprising at that low, low discount price! So I'm going to offer this deal, this week now and get 20 feet of premium Cat5 cable free! The car must be gone by the end of this week, so please jump at this chance to own part of automotive history!

I found a motor for the Supra, but its out in Toronto. Hopefully if all goes well I'll be able to drive the car once again in the next couple weeks (depending on how long it takes to ship an engine from Toronto). I'm pretty excited about this, even though it means paying a goodawful sum of money to have the work all done. One thing that has helped me to get through all this pain though, is that a friend from work managed to do the exact same thing to his Eagle Talon about a week ago, so at least I'm not in this alone!

I don't know what happened to the weekend update, I'm typing this at 11:00PM on Sunday night so unless soul_d is up late doing it tonight, it might not happen. Who knows. The big Pike Lake trip is coming up soon though, less than a month away actually. Everybody remember to come on out May 18th, 19th, and 20th. We're planning on pissing the CO's off good!

Wanna see something totally messed up? How about a guy who had his wife preserved in a coffee table after she passed away. Now that is seriously fucked up.

Thats about all I have for today, good luck to all you poor school kids who are in the middle of finals right now! School sucks! But computer's also suck.

Apr 20, 2001


GAH! Stupid SGI and they're inability to withdrawl money from my account on the right day! Because of them I am accidently broke for the next 10 days! Grrr....

I can't remember if I've mentioned my speakers on any of my previous updates, but a few weeks ago I had Audiophile help me pick out some 'replacement drivers' for some old cabinet speakers I had lying around. Well, I started out with a $200 budget and I thought that was stretching it, and then after much thought and convincing I decided to go with a more expensive 'do it yourself kit'. I ordered the drivers, crossover parts, etc, in kit form which came in a couple weeks ago. Seeing as I'm not much of a carpenter, I had Audiophile take the drivers to BC with him for easter break so that him and his brother could assemble cabinets for them. I have been very anxious to see and here these speakers, which I have sunk a pretty penny into, and I finally have some finished pictures of what they look like.

Click on some of the pictures on the right to see exactly what kind of work went into creating these 1.5" thick monsters. The kit, if you are wondering, is called the Seas Odin, and is comprised of two Seas W17E002 6.5" magnesium cone woofers (with 2" copper phase plugs) arranged in an MTM design around a single T25001 1 inch Fabric dome tweeter (with a magnet the size of my fist). These drivers are part of Seas' Excel line, which are their "high-end" drivers. Audiophile has assured me that these will sound better than any speaker you could find in Saskatoon, which is nice to know! I mean, come on, Gnomes made them!

[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

Thanks to Audiophile for all the advice, hard work and time that he has put into these speakers on my behalf, and a double-thanks to his brother for all of his advice and contributions! I can't wait to hear them...

Bah, Dog Pound has become enraged that he has not been mentioned on this site for a long time, in fact he has actually threatened to sue me for his decrease in record sales over the past month. What can I say? He HAS prepared a little something for the site however, which is the Story of Mr. Roboto. I think Unit3 may be especially interested in this! Read on!

Man, if you like stick man karate then the flash video to the left is for you! YC sent this out today, and I thought I would put it up to share with all of those violent people out there who would enjoy this kind of stuff, namely The Saint and Dr. Razor. Enjoy!

There's really nothing out there that can beat a good stickman animation, except maybe free pr0n.

News flash from the car Supra is going to need a new motor, there isn't much of a debate about this issue anymore. I have found it very hard to get ahold of a rebuilt motor for my car, but I can however get my hands on a Japanese spec motor with less than 50'000 miles on it for a decent price, and I think thats going to be about my only choice at the moment. I'll fill you in as I find things out though, but for now I am driving the Bel-Air again!

Well, thats plenty for a Friday update, I'll finish off with this beautiful new slogan:


Apr 18, 2001


Why does everything in this stupid world cost money?? Better question: Why does everything in this stupid world COST A LOT OF MONEY?!?!? I mean, why can't the world just revolve around favors? You know, like you paint my car and I'll slap your ass kinda thing! :) Oh oh, speaking of cars, I tried to enter the Super-Volare for sale on Ebay today, and after almost a half hour filling out forms and confirmation notices, etc, it informed me that it costs $25 to sell something. Whats with that??? Oh well, going by the fact that I'm sure as many people frequent RBlords as they do Ebay, I'll just post it here instead:

1978 2-Door Plymouth Volare 318
Sport Console, Sport mags, Cold Air Conditioning, HOT Heater.
Runs like a charm! Transmission slips, and is kinda ugly, also missing complete exhaust system.
A real head turner!

You can email offers to me. Also, I have a 9 pasenger '79 Caprice Station wagon for sale for $200obo. Once again, email me if you are interested. Buyer takes care of delivery!

Audiophile has been hard at work with his brother in BC putting together some cabinets for my new speakers. Hopefully I will soon have pictures that I can post here so that you can have some sort of idea of what I'm talking about. I can't wait to have them home (Saturday) and have a listen to them, they'd better rock because they are costing me a small fortune! All well worth it though, of course.

Well, ya know...I just don't have anything else to say. Does anybody read this anymore? Sure seems quiet out there, even the Discussion Board has quieted down significantly. Must be spring fever...I guess I'll let it slip. Oh, I just received my notice in the mail that the domain is due to expire within the next month, and now I know why the registration was so cheap! The renewal fee is 3x the price of the oringal registration! I'm thinking of just letting it expire and then re-registering it for another $15 since I'm so if all of a sudden you can't get to the site and you really, really need to, try the classic which still resolves...

Peace out ma brothas!


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