Aug 01, 2000


Another day, another month, another update...

Well, for a moment this morning I thought ExtremeJerks (EJ) was completely dead. I loaded up their site and all I got was a white background with a registration banner. However, when I reloaded the page it appeared. Then I thought I'd take a look, taking the odd chance that something within the site had been updated and to my surprise it had! In fact Jay B has been updating for the past week! So there you have it, don't let the splash screen fool you, go catch up on some EJ.

Some of you may have noticed that July was the first month with no softcore pr0n day. Surprisingly nobody complained so I'm just not going to worry about it. If it really bothers you that much, you can go look at some boobies. After all, it's good for you!

I snapped this picture of Razor this weekend while we were at the bar picking up chicks. You wouldn't believe the effort it took to pry all of the women (and men) off of him so that I could get a clear shot of the T-Shirt. It is my opinion that if more people in this world were as open and blunt as Razor, the world would be a better place, and there would be more sex. Life is very stressful, and casual sex (or constant sex for that matter) is the only obvious (and practical) cure. Be prepared for an upcoming article on this very bold and touching subject by none other than myself.

And now for some links from Dog Pound! I quite enjoyed this site he sent me, where they make fun of bands that suck. Make sure to watch all of the hilarious documentary films, especially the Christina Aguilera one!

Did you think the whole Wazzzzup era was over? Did you think there would be an end to the terrible immitations of that horifically annoying trend of screaming lunatics???? FUCK NO! Here's another one for you to cry about...

Now that I have a new car to drive, I can finally get around to saving up for what I REALLY want! One of these. I don't really know where to buy them, I think you have to win them. Yes, I'll try and pick one up with a good ol' game of ring toss at the Ex this year! Carnies rule!

It seems YC would like to challenge me to a race. I will see to it that it will be done. This race shall commence across the Victoria bridge, and the first to the other end, or to push the other off of the bridge loses. Oh yeah and guns will not be tollerated, only pellet guns and slingshots. Oh yeah, and those spikes you put on your tires like the Romans did on their chariots.

Jul 31, 2000


Wow, for some reason it seems like a hell of a long time ago that I did the last update, I guess this just seemed like a long weekend to me. Must be the new car.

Speaking of my new car, I took it out for a cruise Friday night and raced a couple Mustang 5 litres, a new Dodge truck, a GTO, an '83 Camaro, a new Honda Accord :) and a funky early 80's Oldsmobile. I beat them all except for the funky oldsmobile who pulled away and promptly bottomed out the entire underside of his car, the sparks were quite magnificent :). That Olds had some hopped up big block in it...

Dog Pound has sent me some links for today's update. The first link is the webpage of a die-hard super mario fan (my old webpage), and the second is a link to the anti-napster Metallica Forum. Seeing as how everyone is so mad at Metallica right now, it might be a good idea to check out their side of the story.

Dog Pound sent me more but I will save it for another day.

News Flash

Microsoft Publishes Windows 2000 Bug List!!

"Microsoft today published the full bug list for its Windows 2000 operating system. For the first time ever, all known and reported bugs are to be made available to the public. Mr. Hyan-Lee of Japan (photographed above) made the mistake of printing the whole list..."

Wow, what a fitting link mrp just emailed me. Let this be the new official anthem for my car! :)

Jul 28, 2000


Yay! It's Razor day on rblords! What does that mean? Well, Razor send me a whole bunch of content the other day (he's setting a good example :) ). He sent me SO much content, that I am going to have to make an entire update about it.

Everyone probably knows about the whole Napster Vs. Metalicca legal war. Well, to make a long story short Friday (today) will be the last day for Napster. Make sure to grab all your mp3s today! You can read more about this on Napster's Site or on CNN's website.

Remember that old campchaos video about Metallica and Napster? Well, there's a new one (an old on actually, I just didn't know about it until Razor told me about it). Click on the picture on the right to watch the video.

Razor has two Audio picks for the day. The first is Burn in Hell by Twisted Sister. But since, according to Razor, "most of the pansy-asses that read this site are too preppy or too young to have ever heard Burn in Hell", the second choice is We're not Going to Take it. Either way it's Twisted Sister, so eat up! Bitch!

A personal favorite of Razor's, originally discovered by mrp of Tux the Penguin in ASCII Art!

Oh, and for all those who care, I picked up my car today and all I can say is Damn. That thing's too fast for me :).

Jul 27, 2000


Damnit, I forgot to post the update last night! I totally did a lame one up and then forgot to post it. Oh well, now you just have even more to read.

It just occured to me by looking over Hellsh0k's Webpage that this page is really damn plain and ugly. At least it is easy to navigate (kinda). Still, I sometimes I wish that I didn't lack the creativity, time and patience to create a nice looking site. I guess I'm also not a fag.

Well, looks like Heather from the Discussion Board is a real person after all, and is reading our page all the way from Mississippi! You know what that means? It means I have a fanbase greater than 10km, that that really makes me happy. I also got a scarey letter today from the tech support people of the exhibition grounds here in Saskatoon. I'd rather not talk about it...

If all goes well, by tomorrow's update I should be a proud owner of this 1988 Toyota Supra Turbo. I'm going to be blowing all my money (plus some that isn't mine) to drive a sporty little car, but I think it will make me happy. Someone kindly pointed out to me the other day how difficult sex in the back seat of a supra would be, and for that reason I am going to have to keep the '65 Bel-Air around for awhile yet :). Actually, the Supra is just meant for a daily driver so that I can get some work done on my Bel-Air finally...

Well, Doctor Razor finally got on my back about not having his banner up on my menu bar, so up it goes. Is it just me or has his page been relativily static lately? Although he gets a hell of a lot of hits so I'm going to shut up now :). In the mean time I have taken down the SDB Server banner until Saul gets his ass in gear and updates it.

Razor forwarded me this link today urging me to purchase 100,000 feet of Ethernet cable with my newfound job-cash. If only I had $25'003.75. Thats a hell of a lot of cable!

The official video of the day is Happy Happy Joy Joy by Ren and Stimpy. This video is 25megs and you probably don't want to download it but it's there if ya want it :)...

Watch for tomorrow...our first "Official Razor day".

Jul 26, 2000


Oh geez, not much time for an update tonight, sorry guys.

I have a video link from Dog Pound today which is quite interesting. An IBM-Linux commercial. All you geeks out there should take a look.

soul_d has been doing major damage to my computers lately, every time that he visits my place. I think I am going to have to do something to teach his FAG ASS a lesson.

Today for the first time in my new job I had to call in sick because of some freakin' virus that soul_d passed on to me. I got up this morning and my head was pounding so hard I was like "Fuck this, I need to go back to bed". So I called in and went back to bed for a few hours, and I'm glad I did. Work has been unusually slack lately, and I don't like that one bit. I actually cleaned up my office the other day because I was so bored. This is not a good sign...I forsee that there is going to be a huge rush of business soon.

On a side note, I'm beginning to worry that Unit3 isn't going to be bringing me an arcade machine because he doesn't want to drag his ass over to the arcade story. This saddens me deeply, but I could probably also use the money back as well. What am I saying? If he doesn't buy me an arcade he'll probably buy me a big $240 bag of sugar or something.

Jul 25, 2000


Well everybody, its the moment you've all been waiting for! YC-World is back and better than ever! Well....its back anyway, and you can get to it from the easy to remember url

The page is now being hosted off of the ever-growing rappablords network. If you would like your page hosted at this site, let me know and I'll consider it.

Stupid soul_d gave me his damn cold...I had absolutely NOTHING to do at work today, mainly because my supervisor called in sick (which I should have done). Blech.

Is is just me or are these milk advertisements getting better all the time? I mean, maybe I'm crazy but I found this add to be particularily hilarious. What does Jennifer Love Hate? Osteoperosis! Yay! Only way this picture could be better would be if somebody could manipulate it so that is actually looked like her bones were deteriating. That would rock.

Thank you Dog Pound for finding me my all-time favorite C=64 digitized sound sample. If anybody can name the game that it comes from, I will buy them a doughnut. Honest!

Well, I have myself hooked on getting a Toyota Supra now. The specific one I am looking at right now is a 1988 Supra Turbo. I even found a kit to upgrade it to 470hp. Hehehe...11 second 1/4 mile sounds mighty tempting :)

Jul 24, 2000


Razor (my cyberbuddy) sent me a link the other day to a site where you can calculate how much money you should be making (for computer-related jobs). Apparently my salary should be $113,408/year and I think that is american. That kinda blows my mind as I would like to see now what mrp would score on this test.

I have caught word that Unit3 has been calling me a FAG ASS quite a bit lately. I don't know where this came from but it angers me because I am neither a fag nor an ass. All this plus the fact that I gave him $240 has got me a little worried. I hope he buys me my arcade game soon, I'm going through withdrawl...

I caught this picture off of pwrsrc and like mrp, I almost fell over laughing. There's nothing like the corny ending sequence's of old NES games, especially this clip from Bad Dudes.

I managed to come across a review of Bad Dudes which tells just how great a game it really was. Here's a teaser:

"Ugh and double ugh! Data East is a company who had a great string of arcade games that translated into terrible NES games. Bad Dudes may be the worst yet! In it, you are commisioned by the FBI or some federal agency to rescue the president. Yup, you and your doppleganger bad dude brother are out to save the president, who incidently rewards freeing the leader of the most powerful country of the free world with a hamburger."

It is now the 24th and there has been no softcore pr0n day for the month. Why? Perhaps because I am a lazy ass, or perhaps because I have developed solid morals which told me it was wrong. You pick. Anyway if you have anything worth putting up, just email me.

Slow Server?

Unit3 has complained about the speed of my server, saying something along the lines of it being a direct result of my FAG ASS. I then decided to load up his page and it wouldn't even load. WHO'S GOT THE FAG ASS NOW, FAG ASS???". Oh, and please give me my arcade game.

If anyone is having problems loading my page (over highspeed), let me know. Near the end of the month it starts getting slower because there is so much to load on the page. Perhaps I should start dividing the months into smaller sections, but that would take a little more work in terms of managing the archives (considering this entire site is done manually). Maybe I will just have to come up with a nifty php dynamic script like Unit3. FAG ASS!


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