Dec 20, 2002 - DPs Birthday!

Dog Pound

Hello out there in interntet land!

Just sending out a reminder that today is the great Dog Pound's birthday! Yes, this self-serving, ego-satisfying update is nothing more then a gentle reminder that I, Dog Pound, rule all the bitches and monkeys.

There will be a party tomorrow night at the hose, 9pm, be there or else!! Especially Brian!, but especially Kerri......

This picture represents the hatred I have for all things...

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

Thats right, Garret Wang is a fag. You heard it here first.

May 14, 2001

Dog Pound

YC IS KING!!!!! Well after a last minute phone call from Audiophile, him and I hoped into the Snaturn, and ventured off to YC's farm. When we arrived, he greeted us with his usual smile and punch, and we hoped into the CHEVELLE and we came back to Saskatoon. After arriving in S'toon, YC took Audiophile and myself for a quick round of 8th street. Being that is was Sunday night, and starting to drizzle rain, not much racing was done. The Chevelle was given the juice many times tho, and fastness was achieved, SUPER FASTNESS to be honest. It rumbles very nice, and rides as smooth as a cloud. Audiophile creamed his shorts numerous times, and wouldn't stop drooling on himself and the seats! YC found an ARCH NEMESIS also, who is driving a new-ish Mustang, that also seems to go VERY fast. Soon they will collide, and all hell will break loose! so for those who doubted it, YC IS KING! (technically the Chevelle got him into power tho, but we will let that go for now) Mmmmmm posi, mmmmmmm CHEVELLE! So watch out for King YC on the strip this summer, if you can!

DOG POUND over and OUT!

May 05, 2001

Dog Pound

Well folks just a quick update from the one and only Dog Pound. Spitz showed me how to do this thing, so i'm doing it. Just to let you know Spitfire got totally wasted on CB's tonight, and I can't find my Explorer. Soul_d will have an extensive review coming in a couple days, or else he will die. Ciao!


End of Updates