Sep 24, 2000


Hey all, Doc Razor here. Sorry bout the late update today but I was in the hospital due to the tremendous agony I’ve been in for the last few days. It was so bad I had to miss YC’s bash. I hear it was a pretty good party, maybe Spitfire will give us all the details tomorrow...

Anyway, ya know what one of the problems with the Internet is?
Because there is SO MUCH information available when it comes to entertainment, you hear about all of the movies that may or may not be coming out for the next few years. If something sounds cool you still have to wait a LONG time for it, it can be very frustrating…
Case in point, I found out today that they are in the process of shooting the Lord of the Rings trilogy. If you haven’t read the books, you’ve either been living on a desert island all your life, or you’re not really the nerd you’re pretending to be.
Anyway, it turns out the release date for the first movie in the trilogy isn’t until Christmas 2001, with each sequel to be released on the next 2 following Christmas days. If you’ve got the patience to wait over a year, check out for all the details.

Another movie that a lot of nerds just can’t wait for is the new live-action Spiderman movie. The script was apparently done by James Cameron (Terminator, Titanic, etc.), but shooting doesn’t start till January 2001, with a release date of May 2002.

Some other upcoming sequels you nerds may find interesting include The Matrix II and III, Heavy Metal 2000, Blade II, and of course Star Wars Episode II. Just punch the title into your favorite search engine and watch the rumors fly.

Speaking of movies, if you liked the movie Coyote Ugly (and what heterosexual male didn’t? as long as you were really drunk, turned the sound off, and blasted some Slipknot on your stereo), you’ll love...

Coyote Uglies

Ok, ok, I know today’s update was kinda lame but I’m still in pain so fuck off.

Sep 23, 2000


Oh yeah, I guess I don't have to do this here...

Is there a doctor in the house?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Doctor Razor is IN DA' HOUSE!!!
That's right! I'm gonna be doing some of the updates around here on the main page. What does that mean for you the reader? uhhh…probably not much, but at least you nerds who have no life will be able to read Rblords 7 days a week…

I rented the video game Crazy Taxi last weekend. I think I have a chance to make it rich big time. I'm gonna sue SEGA for the use of my likeness in this video game. The character B.D.Joe is an exact replica of me in every way. He looks and talks exactly like me. Have a look for yourself:

Look! It's Me!

As a matter of fact, if you look at all the drivers in the game, they look almost identical to all of the Rblords staff. The resemblances are uncanny:

Uncanny! It's lawsuit time!!!

Today's video clip is brought to you by the letter 'S'. Remember when you were a kid and and you'd watch Sesame Street and they'd always have those grown-up guest stars interact with the muppets, but you really had no idea who the hell it was. Now that you're an adult, you actually know who the guest star's are, but you don't watch it anymore….
This is a clip of Ben Stiller on Sesame Street. This is funny on so many levels it's a must see. It also teaches one of the most valuable lessons one could teach kids, "NEVER, EVER, dress up like cheese during lunchtime!!!"

There's something about cheese...

Now usually, when I do an update on my page, I end it with a quote from the master of wisdom, Jack Handey, and occasionally a Joke of the Day. Just because I'm a link whore, I'm going to finish this update on my page.

- Razor

End of Updates