Mar 26, 2005 - *Barb's Drunk Update* I heart Steve Prediger!

red bandana

Hello@ I canna see!!!! Hmm. Save to field? Hello Dawn ! Shane, Clayton, Dawn adn I are sort of drunk. And I'm a typing fanatic. So I WOULD JUST like to say mad pr0ps to Graeme and Julianne because it's bad. Bad that I say hello. I would like to thank Clayton for the Academy Award that he stole for me. Shane, you fag! ! I like pink cadillacs. It's a drink. And no, I'm not gay, people. Dawn is here. And Clayton has something on his leg. I AM NARRATING TONGIHT!!!

YARRRR SAY THE PIRATE. W00T W000T W0000000T! Hi dallas. Sallad! SALAD! SALAD NOW. \\

SCOOGE? scooge. Oil? MASSAGE OIL! Shane has jizz on his pants. And Appparently I jacked that guy off. Yo. YO YO YO! uM.\

Lost. Let's phone.................................... something. I'm being vaccuuumed!!!! AHNO!

We hav eour own toy, the dustbuster 2.4 volt. Yo. Shane's a sexy sexy biatch. I don't know what else to say. But there are screws all ove rthe place

And now, I would like to apolgoize for the horrible spelling errors, grammer errors and all errors in general, because, I, and everyone else present is very very drunk. We went to Whiskey Jacks tonight and said hello to Hot Steve, Ian, and other people. Shannon was there, and so was Travis, and I am the queen of Jello Shooters with a capital J and S!!!! I liked Shannon's boobs. Sexy stuff, baybee. \

Now, Shut the Fuck up. And Fuck the hell off. Because, fuck. Yo. :P I fucking rock.

Mwahahaha. I have control now Barb. Barb is drunk. Dallas is drunker. Clayton found spooge on his leg. Dawn is sober. Weee. That was ALL Barb.


End of Updates